Diploma in Acupuncture


The course focuses on educational quality .The course is scheduled to begin with the Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine, through Classic Theory of Chinese Medicine including Meridians, Acupoints, Techniques of Acupuncture, Acupuncture Therapeutics and unique Acupuncture and Moxibustion treatment for different patients with different diseases. Unlike other program which gains a superficial understanding through cursory, to ensure a best results, class is setup to groups with less than 20 students each time, hence to get each and every student greatly involve in.

Syllabus: As per W.H.O. guidelines

  • Acupuncture — Introduction to meridians and acupoints
  • Basic Theory of TCM — Introduction and theory of Yinyang
  • Basic Theory of TCM — Five elements
  • Basic Theory of TCM — Qi, blood and body fluid
  • Basic Theory of TCM — Zangfu-organ
  • TCM Diagnostics — General introduction and inspection
  • TCM Diagnostics — Inquiry and pulse-taking
  • TCM Diagnostics — Eight-principle pattern identification
  • TCM Diagnostics — Qi, blood pattern identification
  • TCM Diagnostics — Pattern identification of Zangfu organs
  • TCM Etiology, Pathology and treatment for various diseases

After completion of this course, the learner can:

  • Assess the patient within possibility of practice.
  • Frame a treatment plan.
  • Appraise outcomes.
  • Locate acupuncture points.
  • Use precise needling techniques and practical therapeutic applications for acupuncture points.
  • Use electro acupuncture for treatment.
  • Integrate acupuncture points into treatment of thirty medical conditions such as facial pain,
  • headaches, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, metabolic disorders, chronic and acute pain.
  • Apply learning in case treatment plans.

Total study hours: 205 hours (including 25 hrs. of practical)

Post successful completion of training, Certifications are done by BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ, N.D.A. Promoted by CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, NEW DELHI.

FEES PAYABLE : Rs.20,000.00


An application that meets all registration requirements fully and submitted with all required support documents may be processed in 2 weeks. The fees will be payable through a demand draft, money order, or banker’s cheque. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.

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