Naturopathy Course

Naturopathy Course

The Study of natural healing powers of the body itself. Exercises and yoga techniques are used, among others, to help the body heal. medicine that focuses on treating symptoms and illnesses through a natural approach. Gain an understanding of mind-body practises through various types of physical postures, commonly known as Asanas in Yoga

Varmam Course

Varmam Course

You will explore the meridian system as well as 108 varmam points and how this integrates with the traditional approach. Both the varmam philosophy and the TCM approach will integrate the skills in assessment and diagnosis of disease combining both methodology.

Treatment approaches will be studied using cases presented by expert faculty. At the end of this course, you will be able to locate and provide the rationale for effective acupuncture points for treatment for a variety of conditions.

Acupuncture Course

Acupuncture Course

We have developed the courses to help to learn acupuncture with the ultimate ease to get a feel of radiance. This includes the promotion, encouragement of scientific investigation and research into the philosophy, technique and practice of acupuncture, and to all such things likely to lead to the integration of knowledge growth, dissemination and the improvement of the science.Participants will be able to acquire a thorough understanding of the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine, a systematic knowledge about the theory of meridians and collateral’s and a mastery of the locations, indications and needling of 361 points. Consequently, they will be able to treat about 40 common diseases and some difficult diseases by determining the treatment according to differentiation of syndromes, and by prescribing and combining points.

Workshop For Thirumantram & Varmam

Learn  Thirumantram & Varmam

Two days  Workshop For Thirumantram & Varmam in Chennai

Varmam Techniques are taught by kanyakumari district doctors, Certificate issued Which is valid all over World.

Learn Concepts In Thirumantram



Workshop Details :

Venue : International Institute Of Tamil Studies Chennai , Taramani

Date : April 16th – 17th 2016

Fee : Rs 2,000

Last Date For Registration : 5th April 2016


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Bharat Seva Samaj

Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) is the National Development Agency promoted by the Planning Commission, Government of India to ensure public Co-operation for implementing government plans. The main purpose behind the formation of Bharat Sevak Samaj is to initiate a nationwide, non-official and non-political organization with the object of enabling individual citizens to contribute, in the form of an organized co-operative effort, to the implementation of the National Development plan. The contribution and functioning of Bharat Sevak Samaj is approved unanimously by the Indian Parliament.

References about BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ is available Government of India Planning Commision’s official

The constitution of the Bharat Sevak Samaj and the National Advisory Committee for Public Cooperation in August 1952, are important preliminary steps recently taken for securing public cooperation on a nationwide basis. The National Advisory Committee, which is representative of different sections of opinion in the country, is expected to:

1. Review and assess the programs of public co-operation in relation to national development ;
2. Advise the Planning Commission from time to time regarding the progress of public co-operation in relation to the fulfillment of the National Plan ;
3. Receive reports from the Central Board of the Bharat Sevak Samaj and consider such specific matters as may be referred to it for advice by the Central Board ;and
4. Make suggestions and recommendations to the Central Board of the Bharat Sevak Samaj on matters of policy and on programs relating to public operations.

The Bharat Sevak Samaj has been conceived of as a non-political and non-official national platform for constructive work. The primary objects of the Samaj are to find and develop avenues of voluntary service for the citizens of India, to promote national sufficiency and build up the economic strength of the country, to promote the social well-being of the community and to mitigate the privations and hardships of its less favored sections; and to draw out the available unused time, energy and other resources of the people and direct them into various fields of social and economic activity.

The professions are manned by personnel from the universities which have, in turn, a unique contribution to make towards national development. It is being increasingly realised that State policy is adequate in the degree in which it is based upon constructive thought and on ascertained facts. It is precisely in these fields that the universities should be the torch-bearers. The Plan contemplates arrangements for co-operative research between the government and the universities. The sphere of public activity is steadily increasing and, therefore, the influence of thought and study in the universities should greatly increase. For much of its new personnel, the government has to turn to universities. The decline in the standards of education in recent years, which has been marked by many observers, is as much a matter of concern to the community as it is a challenge to the leaders in different fields of university education. The universities could strengthen their position as agencies for public co-operation by establishing extension departments and by developing field work programmes as part of their training courses.

The work of the Samaj, which is being undertaken on a nationwide scale, is at present in the initial stages of its organization. The Bharat Sevak Samaj provides a common platform for all who wish to give their share of time and energy to developing the people’s own effort in relation to the National Plan and, at the same time, it is intended to assist in the development of existing voluntary organizations.

Dr J Memorial Academy

acupuncture course


Dr J memorial academy aims at promoting the progress and upholding the root of science in pure and applied branches. With the objective to maneuver behind the wheel of our philosophy bearing on the route to our mission all our efforts shall remain focused to achieve uncompromising success in establishing standard education and to impart to our candidates professional skills to get a hold of good career opportunities.

Dr J MEMORIAL ACADEMY offers all courses of DDE of Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University for the academic year 2012 -2013.we offer admission for M.B.A., M.Sc., B.Sc., P.G.DIPLOMA, DIPLOMA and CERTIFICATE courses listed in TNPESU website.

Special attention in teaching M.Sc. varmam, P.G.Diploma, Diploma in Varmam and Thokkanam.Practical training has been provided by Varmam aasaans from Kanyakumari and Kerala.

CHENNAI – 600 127.

S.No  Course Code  Name of the Courses                            Programme   Code     Eligibility*                                                  Duration    Fees  Per Year
    1  001  B.Sc., in Memory Development & Psycho
Neurobics (Lateral Entry)
 BSPN(L)  Dip. in Memory Devlpmt &
Psycho Neurobics
 2 Years  4480
 2  002  B.Sc., in Memory Development & Psycho
 BSPN  10+2 or 10th & any 2
Years ITI / Diploma
 3 Years  4480
3 003  B.Sc., in Yoga  BSY  10+2 or 10th & any 2
Years ITI / Diploma
 3 Years  4480
4 004  B.Sc., in Yoga (Lateral Entry)  BSY(L)  Diploma in Yoga  2 Years  4480
5 005  B.Sc., in Yoga and Naturopathy  BSYN  10+2 or 10th & any 2
Years ITI / Diploma
 3 Years  6720
6 006  B.Sc., in Yoga and Naturopathy (Lateral Entry)  BSYN (L)  Diploma in Yoga &
 2 Years  6720
7 007  B.Sc., in Yoga for Human Excellence BSYHE  10+2 or 10th & any 2
Years ITI / Diploma
 3 Years  2000
8 008  B.Sc., in Yoga for Human Excellence (Lateral Entry) BSYHE (L)  Diploma in Yoga for
Human Excellence
 2 Years  2500
9 009  B.Sc., in Yoga and Nature Cure  BSYNC  Any Degree (10+2+3)   3 Years  4480
10 010  B.B.A., in Sports Management BBASP  10+2 or 10th & any 2
Years ITI / Diploma
 3 Years  4480


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