Advanced Diploma In Acupuncture And Varmam


This Course envisioned along with hands-on training to meet the professional and guiding requirements. In this course, the history of acupuncture and the current research underlying the physiological mechanisms of acupuncture can be learnt. You will explore the meridian system as well as 108 varmam points and how this integrates with the traditional approach. Both the varmam philosophy and the TCM approach will integrate the skills in assessment and diagnosis of disease combining both methodology.

Treatment approaches will be studied using cases presented by expert faculty. At the end of this course, you will be able to locate and provide the rationale for effective acupuncture points for treatment for a variety of conditions.


  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Acupuncture — Introduction to meridians and acupoints.
  • Basic Theory of TCM — Theory of Yinyang, Five elements
  • TCM Diagnostics — Eight-principle pattern identification
  • Fundamentals of VARMANIAM
  • Basic Theory of Varmam — Introduction to varmam points
  • Diagnostics — Varmam And Acupuncture Pulse-Taking
  • TCM Etiology, Pathology and treatment for various diseases
  • Diagnostics Skills & Clinical Reasoning
  • Special Thadaval Murai

After completion of this course, the learner can:Compare the basic concepts and theories of siddha varmam and Classical Acupuncture.

  • Explain the theories of the mechanisms of action related to acupuncture and varmam.
  • Assess the patient within scope of practice.
  • Locate varmam and acupuncture points using surface anatomy.
  • Apply acupressure and varmam treatment within scope of practice.
  • Use acupuncture treatment within scope of practice.
  • Monitor treatment for patient reaction to special thadaval murai.
  • Identify risks, complications and precautions for safer practice.

Post successful completion of training, Certifications are done by BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ, N.D.A. Promoted by CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, NEW DELHI.

FEES PAYABLE: Rs. 30, 000.00


An application that meets all registration requirements fully and submitted with all required support documents may be processed in 2 weeks. The fees will be payable through a demand draft, money order, or banker’s cheque. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.