Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture

Learning objective:
The course focuses on Hands-on training to meet the needs of professionals seeking complete training with educational quality. This course introduces a range of theory and practical techniques in the disciple of acupuncture that incorporates best methods to diagnose and straightaway validate
the efficacy of TCM treatments. The course is scheduled to begin with the Basic Theory of Chinese Medicine, Classic Theory of Chinese Medicine including fourteen Meridians, Acupoints, Techniques of Acupuncture, Acupuncture Therapeutics and Moxibustion treatment for different patients with different diseases at different stages.

The course will cover a framework to perform TCM diagnosis and to develop the treatment plan individually. By the end of this course, one can be better equipped to incorporate the knowledge confidently to heal themselves, then offer their service to the family and friends in the society.

Syllabus: As per W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) guidelines
This theory and practice of Chinese Acupuncture course will include the following:

Acupuncture — Introduction to ShuXue – Acupuncture
Acupuncture — Introduction to fourteen Meridians
Acupuncture — Standard Meridians pathways and network
Acupuncture — Outline of Eight extraordinary meridians
Acupuncture — Biological clock and flow of energy
Acupuncture — Locations of acupuncture points
Acupuncture — Pregnancy contraindicated acupuncture points
Acupuncture — Challenging acupuncture points

Basic Theory of TCM — Heritage of TCM
Basic Theory of TCM — Introduction to Yinyang theory
Basic Theory of TCM — Five element theory
Basic Theory of TCM — Qi and its movements
Basic Theory of TCM — Types of Qi and syndromes
Basic Theory of TCM — Blood and JinYe
Basic Theory of TCM — Black box theory
Basic Theory of TCMZangfu organs and Qi

TCM Diagnostics — General introduction and inspection
TCM Diagnostics — Inquiry and auscultation
TCM Diagnostics — Tongue and pulse diagnosis
TCM Diagnostics — Eight principle pattern identification
TCM Diagnostics — Qi, blood pattern identification
TCM Diagnostics — Pattern identification of Zangfu organs
TCM Diagnostics — Meridian diagnosis
TCM Aetiology — Pathology for various diseases

Integrated approaches to diagnosis
Acupuncture Research and Development
Prognosis of Acupuncture treatments
Contraindications, safety and precautions
Emergency acupuncture treatments
Point selection methods for treatments
Scalp and Otopuncture (auriculotherapy)
Cosmetic acupuncture
Assessments and Acupuncture sessions
Standards of acupuncture practice
TCM Protocols for common treatments
Measuring unit for acupuncture tsun or cun

Practical demonstration of locating acupoints
Practical demonstration of pulse diagnosis
Practical demonstration of tongue diagnosis
Practical demonstration of acupuncture techniques
Practical demonstration of precise needling techniques
Practical demonstration of deep needling methods
Practical demonstration of cupping methods
Practical demonstration of acupressure techniques
Practical demonstration of unique Moxibustion techniques
Practical demonstration of Electro acupuncture

After completion of this course, the practitioners can:
Expertise in needling, cupping and Moxibustion
Locate 361 acupuncture points precisely.
Assess the patient within possibility of practice.
Apply learning in case treatment plans.
Frame a treatment plan individually.
Appraise outcomes of treatments.
Use acupuncture treatment within scope of practice.
Use warming needle techniques, Moxibustion and Cupping.
Actual therapeutic applications for acupuncture points.
Use electro acupuncture for safe and powerful treatment.

Total study hours: 205 hours (including 25 hrs. of practical)

Students must score 50% or higher on average in order to successfully complete the course. Post
successful completion of training, Certifications are done by BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ, N.D.A.
FEES PAYABLE: Rs. 25, 000.00

Post successful completion of training, Certifications are done by BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ, N.D.A. Promoted by CENTRAL GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, NEW DELHI.


An application that meets all registration requirements fully and submitted with all required support documents may be processed in 2 weeks. The fees will be payable through a demand draft, money order, or banker’s cheque. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.

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